Debt Management Partners (DMP) and our operating team has been a niche leading liquidator of delinquencies since 2004. DMP has thrived in one of the most difficult spaces in collections; we look to bring our careful brand management to your group to ensure the highest results while maintaining a tailored customer experience.

-Our operating team consist of tough professionals that have worked with major banks, hedge fund management, private lenders, payday lenders, B2B lenders, and even ex regional presidents of the better business bureau.

-Our Chief Technology Officer was a technology entrepreneur focused on customer business intelligence tool creation, he has built and sold two separate companies; he joined DMP to lead a team focused on data and payment security, seamless software integration, and payment tracking and reporting that provides full transparency and clarity across the board through our custom built proprietary account management software.

-Our Chief Compliance Officer was the Chief Investigator for the Better Business Bureau of Upstate NY, has a strong history of direct interaction and enforcement with law enforcement entities, and understands what it takes to proactively identify and rectify any and all weak links in a collection process before they happen.

-Our Chief Operating Officer is a 25 year veteran of the collection industry; he has overseen thousands of employees at OSI, managed direct placements from major banks, coordinated purchasing and liquidation for hedge funds, and has sat on the boards of numerous professional trade organizations. Overseeing all aspects of account management, he maintains consistency and quality control at every step of the process.

DMP has contributed to best practice lists of the following professional organizations:
Debt Buyers Association

DMP aims to bring our success in account management to lenders in order to ease their internal account strategies and increase their yield.