Successful partnerships start with a detailed, top-to-top conversation between key executives from DMP and our partner-lenders.  Our deep experience in the recovery space coupled with your knowledge of your market are critical to understanding and projecting the returns we can achieve by working together, making this first conversation vital.  If you are interested in discussing a relationship please email or call 800-883-9067, option 4 and ask one of our CSRs to connect you with our Lender Partnership team.

Debt Management Partners understands the trust our lenders place in us when we work together in recovery and are proud of our proven track record of continuously re-earning that trust.  When you work with a recovery partner you can trust, your capital can be quickly injected back into your model, increasing returns.  That fact, coupled with the reality that internally worked receivables require a ramp-up of revenue plus new incurred expenses that offset the greater potential gross revenue, means it may make sense to brainstorm a better way with us..

During this call you’ll get to know DMP while we come to a common understanding of your goals.  Some key points about DMP:

  • High-performance in Compliance and Recovery
    • 1,074,990 consumer accounts serviced in 2015
    • File liquidation rates in 2015 (min $1mil face value; avg 120 liq cycle):
      • Lowest: 1.11%
      • Highest: 24.4%
      • Average: 5.54%
    • A+ Rating from the BBB
    • 83 customer complaints in 2015; fewer than one in 10,000 accounts under management
    • Strong Customer reactivation and rehabilitation focus – giving our lenders payment data for their option to relend, minimizing our partners’ cost of customer acquisition
    • Chief Compliance Officer oversees every facet of recovery; continuous vetting of DMP legal compliance by dedicated law firm
    • Personal information data security managed full time by dedicated Coded Logistics staff and Chief Technology Officer
    • Member of OLA, ACA, DBA, and CFSA
    • Call recording transcription and scoring using Watson – every call, every time
    • Compliance manuals, due diligence applications, and internal protocols all available upon request for review
  • Operational Transparency and Analytics
    • end-to-end, bi-directional, secure information integration
    • lender-specific, secure file transfer tools hardened to stringent industry standards
    • automated workflow and systems for compliance, customer re-activation, and file transfer receipt confirmation data
    • near-real-time performance and compliance reporting
    • a technology team committed to understanding and meeting the unique information needs of each lender-partner

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call 800-883-9067, option 4